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Help us save Florida endangered species

Save the 
florida panther

There are currently fewer than 200 panthers left in the wild. Our goal is to promote awareness and raise money through our sales to benefit the Florida Panther Fund. The critically endangered Florida Panther is battling threats for it’s  survival. The Florida Panther is an Umbrella Species. They are at the top of the food chain and keep biodiversity in check.  If the Florida Panther dies out, then big changes will happen, causing many other species to go extinct. Humans are the biggest threat to the Florida Panther.  Encroaching housing developments, oil drilling and road kills are increasing in their current habitat.  Their primary habitat must be protected in order for them to survive.  Recently a neurological disorder has been discovered in eight Panthers and one bobcat.  This disorder causes weakness in their hind legs.  FWC is doing research to identify the cause which could be a type of poison. Please help save the magnificent Florida Panther.  We have to act now before it is too late. For more information regarding the Florida Panther, visit

About the Artist

Gail Powell

Gail is an artist/cartoonist that has had a lifetime passion for all animals on land and marine life in our oceans.  She has written and illustrated children’s books and has a greeting card line featuring her cartoon characters the “Ratskii’s.”  She previously did a series on “Saving Wild Critters” for newspapers in North Florida.  She now wants to devote her art to saving endangered species starting with the most critically endangered of all, the magnificent Florida Panther. The earth is losing animal and marine species 1,000 to 10,000 times the natural rate due to human activity.  The time is now to save all species before it is too late.


Proceeds from our sales will benefit the Fish & Wildlife Florida Panther Fund.

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Have ideas for the next animal? Want to see how you can help? Send me an email so we can chat.

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